Chinese -> English Dictionary for Boox eReaders

I’ve converted the free community-maintained MDBG CC-CEDICT Chinese to English into a compact format suitable for Boox eReaders and other eReaders that support the MDICT (.mdx) format.


  • Same dictionary used by Readibu, Pleco and browser popup dictionaries like Zhongwen (but a newer version)
  • Over 120,000 words (latest version from
  • Compact format made for the small dictionary popup window on eReaders
  • Pinyin with tonal markers
  • Compatible with Simplified and Traditional
  • Displays all dictionary entries on the same screen with an indicator and a total entry count (see image attached to this post)

Download: (last updated: 21st May 2024 – 122,959 entries)

Favourite resources

Pleco – Best Chinese offline dictionary mobile app. Additional features includes SRS flashcard and document reader.

Chinese Grammar Wiki – The biggest knowledge base of Chinese grammar.

Heavenly Path – Native Chinese media (including books, tv shows, movies and games) sorted by difficulty.

italki ($) – A brilliant platform to find Chinese tutors for private one to one lessons. Bonus $10 credits for all new users.