Dordogne《田园记》- An indie game with Chinese voice over

I am always on the lookout for suitable games for a Chinese learner, and when I came across Dordogne on Steam, I was surprised to see a tick next to Chinese for full audio. Does that mean there’s Chinese audio in this game made by a French company? Could it be a mistake?

I quickly discovered it was no mistake; there really are Chinese voice-acted scenes. This is my first time seeing a non-Chinese indie game that includes Chinese voice acting!

Love is in small things - a hidden object game that's brilliant for Chinese learners

Love is in Small Things – Most Chinese beginner friendly game

Gaming is a popular hobby and one that many learners want to utilise in their language learning journey. With no pop-up dictionary feature or dual subtitle capabilities that are commonly available in other media forms, it’s no secret that gaming in another language is extremely difficult.

But I may have found the most beginner-friendly game for Chinese learners to play in Chinese!