TV Dramas

《玫瑰的故事》 The Tale of Rose – A strong character development drama

《玫瑰的故事》 “The Tale of Rose” tells the life-changing journey of a young woman from her early 20s to her 40s as she experiences many difficult romantic relationships.

Modern-setting TV dramas rarely spark my interest. 《玫瑰的故事》 “The Tale of Rose” only caught my attention because of the main female lead. I really liked her in 《去有风的地方》 “Meet Yourself”, so when another slice-of-life modern setting show popped up with her as the female lead, I gave it a try.

Top Picks

A Mega List of Free Danmei Webnovels with Chinese Language Difficulty Rating

Reading free webnovels is a great way to enter the world of native content. These webnovels typically do not require an account to access, which takes away the daunting task of navigating a native website to set up an account.

In this post, I’ve listed a selection of free webnovels that I’ve read and enjoyed and categorised them across different difficulty brackets.


Minami Lane – An adorable management game for Chinese learners

I discovered Minami Lane through social media shortly after the game’s initial release. Minami Lane is an adorable, cosy, and simple management game set in a Japanese-inspired street.

At the end of May, the developers released version 1.1, which contained many quality-of-life changes and a language update. The language update included Simplified Chinese, French, German and Japanese.

The lovely developers of Minami Lane kindly gifted me this game to play in Chinese, and I’m going to share my thoughts on it and why it’s a great game to play in Chinese.


Stardew Valley (星露谷物语) – Excellent game to help improve your Chinese

Stardew Valley 《星露谷物语》 is the most well-known and loved farming game, inspired by games like Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons.

I absolutely love this game, and with the latest 1.6 update, I can’t stop recommending it for Mandarin Chinese learners who love farming games.


The ultimate guide to starting Mandarin Chinese for danmei webnovels

Have you ever considered learning Mandarin Chinese to read a danmei web novel? Are you wondering if that’s even feasible or worth it? Let me assure you that it’s worth your time and completely achievable, and many have already succeeded, including myself.

You’re not alone on this journey.

TV Dramas

《大理寺少卿游》 White Cat Legend – Interesting costume mystery drama

《大理寺少卿游》 “White Cat Legend” is a decent straightforward and lighthearted mystery drama with a bit of fantasy elements. I would recommend this if you are looking for just that.

Don’t expect amazing crimes, lots of clever moments or cinematic scenes. If you want to watch a simple show, this is for you!

I wasn’t amazed by this show, but I enjoyed it and had a great time watching it.

TV Dramas

《一念关山》 A Journey To Love – High production historical drama

During the serialisation period of 《一念关山》 “A Journey To Love”, there were many positive ratings and comments on this drama, but unfortunately, the rating drastically dropped after the release of the final arc.

Despite the potentially disappointing ending, my curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to give this drama a chance.

Going into the drama with the knowledge of a potentially bad ending changed my perspective of the drama, and I really enjoyed the journey…up until that ending.


Is it worth learning Mandarin Chinese for danmei webnovels?

Learning a new language is challenging and requires dedication over a long period, and it can be difficult to decide if it’s worth it.

Have you been considering taking up the challenge of learning Chinese for danmei? Are you wondering if it’s worth it at all? Have you also wondered if anyone else has managed to achieve the goal of reading danmei webnovels in Chinese?

Let me tell you, it’s completely worth it.

Short Dramas

《拜托了,别宠我》 Please Don’t Spoil Me – A transmigration drama with all the tropes

Webnovel author Yan Yi Yi wakes up as the evil support character of her novel who is destined to be banished to the cold palace. She tries everything she can to avoid this tragic ending but is soon told by the book official that the story must flow according to the original plot, or else she will be obliterated.

Yan Yi Yi finds herself trying to maintain the original plot while trying to avoid a bad ending for herself.

… And soon, she starts to fall in love with the emperor.

TV Dramas

《去有风的地方》 Meet Yourself – A brilliant healing drama that is excellent for Chinese learners

《去有风的地方》 “Meet Yourself” tells the story of a big-city worker who escapes to a rural village to find peace and tranquillity. She quickly discovers that life in an agricultural village isn’t as peaceful as she had imagined and is soon entangled in the lives of the local villagers and other city workers who, like her, had escaped to the village in search of peace and quiet.

This is my drama modern slice-of-life drama of all time; read my review to find out the way!