Is it worth learning Mandarin Chinese for danmei webnovels?

Learning a new language is challenging and requires dedication over a long period, and it can be difficult to decide if it’s worth it.

Have you been considering taking up the challenge of learning Chinese for danmei? Are you wondering if it’s worth it at all? Have you also wondered if anyone else has managed to achieve the goal of reading danmei webnovels in Chinese?

Let me tell you, it’s completely worth it.

From Chinese intermediate to Chinese native webnovels in 18 months

I will share with you my experience of spending 18 months reading original Chinese novels every single day — novels I had previously not read in another language or consumed the story in another form (i.e. a TV show or movie).

I jumped straight into original Chinese work because reading something like Harry Potter in Chinese just didn’t interest me. I’m generally not interested in re-reading books, even in another language.

The Ultimate List of Mobile Games with Mandarin Chinese Voice Over

Voice-overs enhance the immersive experience of games, and an increasing number of mobile games are released with high-quality voice acting from renowned voice actors.

In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in the number of high-quality mobile games originating from China, with the majority, if not all, incorporating a complete cast of voice actors in multiple languages. All fully voiced acted from main story scenes to side stories to events. The mobile gaming experience have never been so immersive.

Let me share all the globally released mobile games I know with high-quality Mandarin Chinese voice acting.