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A Mega List of Free Danmei Webnovels with Chinese Language Difficulty Rating

Reading free webnovels is a great way to enter the world of native content. These webnovels typically do not require an account to access, which takes away the daunting task of navigating a native website to set up an account.

Many webnovel publishing platforms often implement blockers to reduce pirating of their paid content (e.g. rendering some of the text using an image), and these blockers tend to stop pop-up dictionaries from working. We don’t have the same problems with free webnovels.

In this post, I’ve listed a selection of free webnovels that I’ve read and enjoyed and categorised them across different difficulty brackets.

I am always on the lookout for free approach webnovels for Chinese learners, so I will regularly update this post. Be sure to return occasionally for new free webnovels!


《做树真的好难》 by 喝豆奶的狼

Cover for the modern fantasy danmei webnovel 《做树真的好难》by 喝豆奶的狼

A cute short webnovel that follows a tree spirit who ventures into the human world to find the love of his life.

Total Characters30,000
TagsModern, Fantasy, Non-human, Romance



《我与情敌互换了灵魂》 by 一炷香

A very short, hilarious story of two university students swapping souls for one day a week.

Total Characters16,000
TagsModern, Comedy, Romance

《当你走进图书馆而书里夹了一枚书签》 by 晚秋初十

Cover for the modern danmei webnovel 《当你走进图书馆而书里夹了一枚书签》by 晚秋初十

A young man discovers a message on a bookmark at his local library. He writes a reply to the bookmark owner, and to his surprise, he finds a reply the following day.

Total Characters11,500
TagsModern, Romance

《校草》 by 青端

Cover for the modern danmei webnovel 《校草》by 青端

A simple short story about the main character’s complete obliviousness to the fact that his roommate has been in love with him for many years.

Total Characters19,500
TagsModern, Romance

《影帝的脑子坏了》 by 许半仙

After a terrible car accident, a famous movie star seeks help from a psychologist. Soon the psychologist finds himself falling in love with the movie star.

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Total Characters31,572
TagsModern, Romance

《找得着北》 by 杏仁茶

Cover for the modern danmei webnovel 《找得着北》by 杏仁茶

A blind young man finds love through a mobile app designed to help those in need.

Total Characters15,000
TagsModern, Romance



《婚后热恋》 by 一个米饼

A young actor, a wealthy CEO, lots of delicious cakes, a 5-year marriage contract and you guessed it, they fall in love!

Total Characters86,000
TagsModern, Romance

《小九》 by 许半仙

Cover art for the historical danmei webnovel《小九》by 许半仙

A young prince has his eyes set on the crown prince’s personal guard, and he soon finds that life in the palace can’t be forever peaceful.

Total Characters32,000
TagsHistorical, Imperial Court, Romance

《他会不会去跳江?》 by 长烟

A cute, mostly fluffy story about the love between a military general and a court minister. Their unexpected love started after an accidental encounter, but the general soon discovers it wasn’t an unexpected accident.

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Total Characters57,000
TagsHistorical, Comedy, Romance

《杀手他失业了》 by 白露未霜

An unemployed assassin who lands a job as a bodyguard after completing his initial training.

Total Characters10,000
TagsHistorical, Romance

《论如何错误地套路一个魔教教主》 by 一只大雁

For the chance to take down the Demon Clan, the world’s number one swordsman was sent to seduce the newly appointed Demon Clan leader. He was provided with a set of lines to say to help him seduce this leader, but nothing went to plan!

Total Characters103,000
TagsHistorical, Romance, Martial Arts



青梅屿》 by 回南雀

A relaxing, budding, modern romance between a young university student (who can see emotions as colours and numbers) and his handsome neighbour.

Total Characters200,000
TagsModern, Romance

《赏金猎手前往山林深处》 by matthia

A bounty hunter took on an ordinary job at an ordinary small village. Upon his arrival, he learns of a local legend and of a mysterious elf mage that has been protecting the village for a very long time.

Total Characters72,000
TagsFantasy, Adventure

《师弟还不杀我灭口》 by 子鹿

After leaving a comment on a newly completed webnovel, Zhongyan wakes up as a small side character in that very book. In order to return to the real world, he must prevent the original villain from mass murder and guide him to the path of ascension.

Total Characters102,500
TagsHistorical, Cultivation



《天庭幼儿园》 by 绿野千鹤

A mythical beast wakes up from his long sleep to find the deities turning into young children due to the cycle of reincarnation. The Jade Emperor assigns him the task of taking care of the child deities and opening a nursery. As child deities, their powers are weakened, and they are also mentally like young children, giving this mythical beast endless headaches.

Total Characters95,500
TagsHistorical, Fantasy, Mythological

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