《我与情敌互换了灵魂》by 一炷香 – A great book for Chinese beginners

First Released2018
Source长佩文学 (FREE)
Length13 chapters + 4 extras
Total Characters16,000
Unique Characters1,300
GenreModern, Comedy, Danmei, Romance

I found this on one of the recommended free and short webnovels lists on 长佩文学 and has been sitting on my digital bookshelves for several months. After finishing a long fantasy webnovel, I decided to pick up this super short read, and I’m so glad that it did not disappoint.


Two university students swap souls every Wednesday and must go about their day without anyone discovering this secret.

While navigating each other’s lives, the protagonist soon discovers the secret the other has been hiding for a long time.

Difficulty for a Chinese Learner

《我与情敌互换了灵魂》 is narrated to give the feel of the main character speaking to the reader, which adds a level of charm to the flow.

A first-person perspective writing style is often challenging for learners. Inexperienced readers may need some time to become familiar with this writing style.

Approachable for an inexperienced new reader:

  • Simple and straightforward sentences
  • Short sentences and paragraphs, perfect for those with low reading endurance
  • Short chapters which great for short reading sessions
  • Very few descriptions

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this super short read very much, it was quite funny. I’m a big fan of body swap concepts because when done well, it’s extremely humorous. I do wish this isn’t a short webnovel as I would have loved for more.

I highly recommend this for Chinese learners of all levels and anyone who’s looking for a quick super super sweet webnovel to read.

This makes jokes out of a common danmei trope! Danmei lovers are going to love this! For experienced readers, this is the perfect bedtime read. This is also pretty simple for inexperienced readers and worth a try!

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