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From Chinese intermediate to Chinese native webnovels in 18 months

I will share with you my experience of spending 18 months reading original Chinese novels every single day — novels I had previously not read in another language or consumed the story in another form (i.e. a TV show or movie).

I jumped straight into original Chinese work because reading something like Harry Potter in Chinese just didn’t interest me. I’m generally not interested in re-reading books, even in another language.

Short Dramas

《念念无明》 The Killer Is Also Romantic – Chinese historical Mr. & Mrs. Smith

《念念无明》 “The Killer Is Also Romantic” is one that is perfect for Chinese learners! It’s lighthearted and funny, with an easy-to-follow, straightforward plot that is comprehensible even without understanding every dialogue.

Many call this show the Chinese historical version of the American movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. There is a very strong resemblance, but with more romance and the addition of a second couple.


《一不小心和醋精结婚了》 by 一枚纽扣 – An approachable modern webnovel for Chinese learners

Longer webnovels are not the type of approachable content that I recommend to an intermediate Chinese learner because the length is often overwhelming, and the feeling of an endless journey could result in demotivation.

However, 《一不小心和醋精结婚了》is a longer webnovel that I would recommend for an intermediate learner and for many good reasons.

Read on to find out why.

Guides Top Picks

The Ultimate List of Mobile Games with Mandarin Chinese Voice Over

Voice-overs enhance the immersive experience of games, and an increasing number of mobile games are released with high-quality voice acting from renowned voice actors.

In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in the number of high-quality mobile games originating from China, with the majority, if not all, incorporating a complete cast of voice actors in multiple languages. All fully voiced acted from main story scenes to side stories to events. The mobile gaming experience have never been so immersive.

Let me share all the globally released mobile games I know with high-quality Mandarin Chinese voice acting.


Dordogne《田园记》- An indie game with Chinese voice over

I am always on the lookout for suitable games for a Chinese learner, and when I came across Dordogne on Steam, I was surprised to see a tick next to Chinese for full audio. Does that mean there’s Chinese audio in this game made by a French company? Could it be a mistake?

I quickly discovered it was no mistake; there really are Chinese voice-acted scenes. This is my first time seeing a non-Chinese indie game that includes Chinese voice acting!

TV Dramas

《云之羽》My Journey to You – Review of a dark martial arts Chinese drama

《云之羽》 “My Journey to You” was captivating and enjoyable for most parts but unfortunately, it wasn’t satisfying enough and I was pretty frustrated by the end of the show.

How can it be captivating but frustrating at the same time?

Let me explain in this drama review of 《云之羽》 “My Journey to You”.

Short Dramas

《进阶的主母》Wise Woman – A drama about revenge with an interesting setting

This is an approachable Chinese drama for an intermediate-level Chinese learner. The language used is generally simple, with strong historical language in some speech. The plot is easy to follow after the initial few episodes; therefore, full comprehension isn’t required.

Love is in small things - a hidden object game that's brilliant for Chinese learners

Love is in Small Things – Most Chinese beginner friendly game

Gaming is a popular hobby and one that many learners want to utilise in their language learning journey. With no pop-up dictionary feature or dual subtitle capabilities that are commonly available in other media forms, it’s no secret that gaming in another language is extremely difficult.

But I may have found the most beginner-friendly game for Chinese learners to play in Chinese!